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That the certifying medical professional use the electronic Form N-648 located in the FORMS section www. See instructions for Form N-648 for additional information which is also located in the FORMS section at www. Medical practice type Form N-648 03/21/17 Y Page 1 Applicant s Name A- Part 3. INFORMATION ABOUT DISABILITY and/or IMPAIRMENT S 1. You must sign and date each continuation sheet. You must answer and complete each question since USCIS will not accept an incomplete Form N-648. I am...
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Hello. I see you are reviewing the N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions. Here are some useful things to look for as you review the new form. There are two main changes to the form. First, the new form contains an Interpreter's Certification section. This section must be complete if an interpreter translated communications between the applicant and the medical professional on the day of the examination that formed the basis of the Form N-648 certification. If an interpreter was not used, then the medical professional must state that he or she communicated with the applicant in a language that the applicant speaks. Second, the new form no longer asks medical professionals to address the severity of the effects of the medical condition on the applicant's daily life. During the process of revising the form, USCIS met with various medical professionals who complete the form. During the engagement, USCIS was informed that the question relating to daily life was not relevant to the medical professional's determination regarding someone's ability to meet the educational requirements for naturalization. Accordingly, that question was removed. In addition to these two changes, the look of the form has changed, but the remainder of the information collected on the form remains generally the same. For example, medical professionals are still required to state whether they are licensed medical professionals, doctors of osteopathy, or clinical psychologists, and must also indicate their type of medical practice. Remember, the certifying medical professional can only be a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or a clinical psychologist licensed in any state, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. The form continues to require that medical professionals answer all of the required questions and sign the form. Medical professionals are also still encouraged to use common terminology when completing the Form N-648 and addressing the diagnosis, describing the disability or impairment, the clinical methods, and the connection, or nexus, between the disability or impairment and the applicant's ability to meet the educational requirements for naturalization. Your role as the USCIS officer is to determine the sufficiency of the N-648. To accomplish this, you need to determine if the medical professional explained that the applicant has a disability or impairment. You must also determine if the medical professional provided a nexus between the condition and the applicant's inability to comply with the educational requirements for naturalization. Even though a new form, N-648, has been published, USCIS will continue to accept the old version of the form for a certain period of time. Please refer to the N-648 policy memorandum for more information. Remember, you can always talk with your supervisor if you have questions. Well that's it for the N-648. See you at the next Form Factor.